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10 Great Podcasts to start your podcast journey

Last week I hopefully convinced you (if you weren’t already) why podcasts are so great, and I am 42% certain that the next thought in your head was: “Ok, now what podcasts should I listen to?” Which is why I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favourite podcasts as of right now, which can be your escorts into finding more podcasts yourself.

Two Dudes Talking

I may have passingly mentioned the Two Dudes Talking genre, which is just two people gathering over their mic’s, and talking like they’re best friends (which they usually are) and like they’re sitting on opposite sides of the table (which they usually aren’t). My favourite in this genre is the well-known podcast called:

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Spy School – Review

Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

I have an intense love for blue book covers, but I’m glad I do because this book is amazing. The author is definitely well informed of the spy genre, using a lot of words I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Ben Ripley is a truly a brilliant viewpoint for the reader. He’s open-minded, but also clever. Continue reading “Spy School – Review”

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Podcasts – What are they anyway?

I’m willing to take a bet that right now you are missing out on perhaps the greatest, most versatile form of entertainment out there. I think you’re missing out on perhaps mixing one of your favourite aspects of life into all the mundane necessities. But no more, because in this post, I’m going to pitch the one true form of entertainment to those who have gone there lives missing out. You’re gonna find out the meaning behind the magnificent word, podcast.

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Private Peaceful – Review

Private Peaceful by Micheal Morpurgo

A sign of a good book is a clever title. Even without the context of the main characters last name being peaceful, it is serene and intriguing. I’ve read plenty of wartime books, and those are from the perspective of kids who are out of the way. This is the first I’ve read that gives a (fictitious) eye-witness account and creates sympathy for the soldiers.

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Listen to the Moon – Review

Morpurgo has written short books before, and they have worked, so I don’t understand why he had to make this book so lengthy. He makes the characters speak about inconsequential things for pages on end, and for some reason decides to switch to the perspective of the doctor and the teacher to give us exposition, but even that has pointless filler! Perhaps Morpurgo had a word count to reach, but this was not an appropriate way to do it.

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How to start talking to the person who knows you best (FutureMe – Review)

FutureMe – Review

Who is the person you have communicated with most over the course of your life? Is it your mum maybe? Your significant other? Your dog?

Those may all do well for second place, but the first place is the same for every human on Earth. It’s you. Considering the endless babble that streams through your head, there is only one answer.

In a world of seven billion, no problems are truly unique, but that doesn’t stop them from feeling like they are. The rational brain can say the facts all it wants, but the irrational part will only listen once it’s finished wallowing in despair.  Continue reading “How to start talking to the person who knows you best (FutureMe – Review)”