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Truth Or Die – Review

Truth Or Die by James Patterson

They say mysteries are the most intelligent genre, and this book takes that to a T. Patterson has formulated a deep and complexing thriller that takes physical brain power to keep up with at the smart parts, has you flipping through the action parts, and chuckling at the odd strain of humour. The characters each had their own distinct personalities, except our protagonist Trevor himself, who got into this all from his girlfriend’s death but very quickly forgets about her and is really just a pair of confused eyes that we can see this world through. I think my favourite character would be the kid, who is like an L from Death Note caricature, with his 220 IQ.  However, this book does have a pretty bad case of overflowing us with character names, and it even addresses it in-universe and gives us some summary sentences throughout. Something I found very satisfying was how no one purposefully left the reader in the dark about anything, giving us the answers that we crave the entire way through, making a brilliant snappy novel from the most popular author on the planet. 

Rating – 4/5



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