The Slippery Slope (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #10) – Spoiler Review

The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket

I think this is my favourite so far. It was very wise of Snicket to take Mr Poe out of the equation to have the Baudelaires be independent, and it has worked wonders. But in this book it feels like Quigley takes the position of being their guardian since he knows so much about everything! I think how Snicket gives them their privacy by not telling us what goes on on the mountain just pulls at our curiosity strings more. Now when the white-faced women stormed off it was very odd as to why Olaf didn’t kill them right there, but perhaps it was to spare us the grief since they were so nice to Sunny the whole book. In the book it feels the Baudelaires have been building up to something horrible and it was so close in this book I’m glad violet came to her senses. When Quigley’s intentions were clear about what he wanted to do it was reminiscent to the Catching Fire scene where Gale wanted to wipe out the D2 mountain. The secret letter to Kit had me burst out laughing because I was actually tempted to skip the chapter as it suggested. I’m clearly weak hearted. It’s satisfying to learn all the answers, but still. What is the Sugar Bowl? Who really is Beatrice? And who is J.S.?

Rating – 5/5


The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #9) – Review

The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket

The Carnivorous Carnival starts off in maybe the coolest way of any of the Series of Unfortunate Events books (maybe only second to the Penultimate Peril), with our main siblings bundled up in the trunk of Olaf’s car, and Olaf’s crew without a clue. In the Carnival they end up in, this book introduces maybe some of my favourite characters, the hunchback, an ambidextrous dude, and a contortionist (someone who can stretch their body all over). I found it hilarious each time they were referred to as freaks since they so clearly aren’t. Especially the ambidextrous dude, who is probably the most dramatic of them all. The scene that has stuck out to me the most is definitely two of the characters being ripped to shreds by vicious lions, and one of them being Madan Lulu, who is goodbye the end of the book! Snicket doesn’t censor, and this book doesn’t disappoint.

Rating – 4/5


Crystal Gems New Outfits Ranked (From Change Your Mind)

In the latest hour-long special of Steven Universe called Change Your Mind (email me if you want some links to watch it), we were treated with new outfits for EVERY SINGLE CRYSTAL GEM! So I took it upon myself to rank them. Enjoy!

6. Bismuth


Though technically it isn’t Bismuth’s new outfit, her war armour is pretty cool. It’s reflective nature works well against the pink auror of homeworld to the green background of the Diamond’s attack, and she’s given plenty of colour with her rainbow hair.



The Crewniverse has definitely been the most fruitful with character designs with Amethyst, but many of them have just been colour swaps. This design gives Amethyst some rad ripped jeans and a triangle hole showing her gem proudly, and it does feel perfect for amethyst.



Pearls old look was really classy, and suited her very well. But since ‘Last One out of Beach City’ we got a look at how awesome a cooler Pearl was, and I’m so glad that Pearl’s new outfit is one of pure showoffiness and style. Nice one Pearl.


3.Lapis Lazuli

Ok, so maybe gem pain works different than human pain, but like, imagine how much it must have hurt to not wear shoes for 6 years! Which is why more than anyone else Lapis deserves her subtle golden sandals and matching bow on her cool ninja pants. And of all the designs I think this one is the most clever incorporating the classic crystal gem Star, with the two bottom points being made up of her trouser legs. I love it!


2.The Great and Lovable Peridot

Its been 3 years since Peridot mutilated Yellow Diamond with her killer cusses, and we’ve been waiting for her to get her stars ever since. Now we have it. The symbol of her slavery has been wiped from her chest and in its place is a glimmering message of the place she calls home. Her nasty old white visor is gone, replaced by huge golden sunglasses that poke from the sides of her face, exposing her gem that we all know she is so proud of. And flying on a trash can lid. It may not be classy, but it sure feels like something straight out of Spider-Man! We love you peridot! Keep being Great and Loveable!


1.The Garnet

The Garnet is the perfect example of a gem who’s design just keeps getting better and better. Similar to Peridot, her visor now pokes out like the fiery star she is, and her entire colour palette now radiates with power and energy. You can say you don’t like Ruby’s design. That’s fine. You can say you don’t like Sapphire’s design. That’s totally fine too. But if you don’t adore Garnet’s new design, meet me at the park round the corner at 2pm GMT next Tuesday, because we have some business to settle.


– Ginger Jumble

The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #8) – Review

The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket

As far as being totally horrifying goes, The Hostile Hospital may be the most terrifying one yet. Four books ago when Klaus was hypnotised, he was out of the story as far as helpfulness to escape went. In this book its Violet who is taken and rendered unconscious, and is about to be beheaded in front of a whole theatre of people. This is the first book where Snicket begins to kill off the henchmen, and though its a shame to see the henchperson of indeterminate gender gone, it made for an incredibly dramatic scene.

Rating – 4/5

The Ersatz Elevator & The Vile Village (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #6-7) – Spoiler Review

The Ersatz Elevator & The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket

I love Esmé Squalor! At first you think she is just stupid like seemingly all the adults in the series, but she is really another associate! And I did not at all expect her to be the police officer in book the seventh. But one thing bothers me. Aunt Josephine, Charles, Jerome and Hector are essentially all the same character. They are all just afraid but in different ways. If their guardian actually spoke up perhaps Olaf would have been captured by now. If only Violet had listened to Duncan about the V.F.D. secret but I am still just loving the suspense, even if it is a bit formualised.

Rating – 4/5

Change Your Mind (Steven Universe Special) – Spoiler Review

Steven Universe is a really important show, to me and a lot of people. Some media, like books, shows and even YouTubers can completely grasp you, and pull you into their world until its almost all that consumes you. Change Your Mind is the longest and perhaps the most epic Steven Universe episode, and it is totally immersive, and I want to share my thoughts on the episode here. Now be prepared for spoilers, because this episode is spoiler galore. 


Now this is Steven Universe and its to be expected that it’s going to have a hec of a lot of redemptions, and love, and feelings, and all at stuff if we’ve learned anything from Peridot, Lapis, Bismuth, and probably even Jasper and Kevin soon. If you were to describe it simply, the episode takes turns convincing Blue, Yellow, then the elusive White Diamond that Homeworld has to change. And to be entirely honest, how convinced I am is in that order too. Blue diamond had it in her all along to forgive Pink, and we knew Yellow would come to it soon, even though it took an awesome diamond fight to convince her Homeworld sucks, but white? This episode was only her second true appearance, and she was only mentioned for the first time about 6 episodes ago. If we had seen more of her unwillingness to change among other episodes, perhaps her redemption wouldn’t have felt nearly as rushed.


Build Up

The Steven Universe fan base is known for its theories (among other things), and apart from a single sentence in Bubbled where Steven jokingly pondered about what would happen to his gem, the only place where people wondered if Rose would come back after removing Steven’s gem was in theories OUTSIDE of the show. Change Your Mind had perhaps one of the most chilling scene in children’s television with White Diamonds Removal of Steven’s gem, essentially robbing him of all his magic but it could have been made even more epic with any amount of build up before the episode. Allowing the audience to theories and question if Rose could ever have come back would have made this scene all the more epic, but Connie’s ear-shattering scream did provide an incredible amount of chills for what was already a terrifying scene.



Over the course of the series, Connie has been one of the characters that has changed the most. She went from the shy, bookish only friend (and love interest?) of Steven, to the courageous and optimistic fighter right by his side. After Connie’s speech in the Season 2 episode Sworn to the Sword, I honestly expected Connie to perform a bigger role in the epic fight that took place this episode. The first time Stevonnie fused into the Pink Diamond Attire, I was completely sold on the idea of Stevonnie BEING Pink Diamond with Steven the entire time, making him not have to face the humongous role he’s being given, but after the disappointment that was escapism Stevonnie didn’t show up once. And I was totally ready for Connie to do some serious damage to white diamonds ship, but her wielding her sword was played as a joke besides Obsidian’s mega lava sword. But without a doubt when Obsidian had to disable the use of an arm to the carrying of Connie, she was exactly what she and I didn’t want her to be, a burden.


New Fusions!

I went absolutely wild the first time I saw Smokey Quartz, and even wilder when I first saw Sardonyx, but Rainbow Quartz 2.0 was so fabulous, and he’s the first male fusion! His British accent is so charming, and mixing pearls spear and the shield to make an awesome flying umbrella that can be used to rocket through the air was a genius idea. But then we got Sunstone. I had a break of 24 hours from when I first saw Steven and Garnet begin to fuse to when I saw their finished fusion. And to be frank, it wasn’t what I was expecting. But Sunstone is a giant hilarious fusion, and though I don’t exactly know how Garnet and Stevens personality meld to make her, I’m so glad she exists and I hope she gets plenty more episodes. Her weapons were also ingenious, with the gauntlets and the shield making suction cups. The Crewniverse are so creative!



Animation. This episode was beautiful. Yellow Diamond’s expressions were free to run wild, which led to some hilarious frames, and some that were pretty ugly. All the fusions looked fabulous (I particularly loved Sunstone’s design), and White Diamond’s glimmering pose was indeed fabulous. Another awesome thing was the backgrounds, and the fuzzy backgrounds in White’s head created a sense of it going on and on. But perhaps the best bit of animation was James Baxter’s smooth fusion of Steven. I think it was a brilliant idea to make that scene as emotive as possible, and by golly the Crewniverse succeeded.

All in all, Change Your Mind was a fantastic episode of Steven Universe that you’d be a fool to skip if you’re a Steven Universe fan. And if this is what we get out of a 44 minute Steven Universe episode, just imagine what we’ll get out of the Steven Universe movie.



The Miserable Mill & The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #4-5) – Review

The Miserable Mill & The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket

The Baudelaires youngest sibling, Sunny Baudelaire, has become so useful and intelligent. Hopefully by The End she’ll know how to speak completely. The Mill is actually quite miserable though, and this book in the series is quite repetitive and dull. Luckily in The Austere Academy they meet the Quagmires who I love so much! They are nice and smart and Duncan yelling “V.F.D.!” at the end is so chilling and intriguing. I cannot believe I have to read through eight books to get to the mystery though, because Olaf’s constant escapes are getting extremely frustrating and repetitive, but I guess that is the point.

Rating – 4.5/5