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Not too specific

Rating from 1-5 is pointlessly specific. So now if a book is bad, it gets a 👎. If it’s good, it gets a 👍, and if you absolutely have to read it before you die or you sacrifice an opportunity for pure happiness, it gets a 👍👍. Lets go!

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Sneeze into your elbows! NOT YOUR HANDS!

Humans are disgusting creatures. But sometimes, like a fish swimming in water never notices the water its surrounded in until it leaves it, we fail to notice how disgusting we are. Our digestive systems are so inefficient that we expel disgusting brown mush and stinking yellow liquids out of us, and that’s just a normal thing. A regular old thing that happens plenty of times in a day, and we all just treat it as normal, because for us, it is.

But one thing that I just can’t accept as normal is sneezing (and coughing). We sneeze when we are sick because it’s our body’s reflex mechanism to get the gunk out of us. 

Nowadays, the common advice you give to sneezing kids is to sneeze into your hands. Hands that will then touch door handles, computer keyboards, pens and pencils, and even other kids. Well, then the kid should wash their hands after sneezing! You’re probably thinking with a mild shake of your head at my stupidity for not realising. But if your sick, you sneeze dozens of times in a day. Unless you carry hand sanitiser (which few people do) you’d need to go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap, which no one does right after they’ve sneezed. What is all the more common is to wipe your hands a couple times on your trouser legs, and pretend that the thousands of pieces of spit that are all littered with filthy germs you just propelled into your hands are all gone now. But they’re not. And who has time to get a tissue out?

We can’t keep living this lie. We can’t pretend that germs are gone the second we wipe our hands on our trousers. We can’t be hypocrites who repulse in disgust at those who sneeze out loud on the bus, but then respect those who cover their sneezes with their hands. Hands that will touch the stop button that you have no choice but to press. It’s a disgusting human trait that we have ignored.

The solution is to sneeze into the inside of your elbow. 

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