Crystal Gems New Outfits Ranked (From Change Your Mind)

In the latest hour-long special of Steven Universe called Change Your Mind (email me if you want some links to watch it), we were treated with new outfits for EVERY SINGLE CRYSTAL GEM! So I took it upon myself to rank them. Enjoy!

6. Bismuth


Though technically it isn’t Bismuth’s new outfit, her war armour is pretty cool. It’s reflective nature works well against the pink auror of homeworld to the green background of the Diamond’s attack, and she’s given plenty of colour with her rainbow hair.



The Crewniverse has definitely been the most fruitful with character designs with Amethyst, but many of them have just been colour swaps. This design gives Amethyst some rad ripped jeans and a triangle hole showing her gem proudly, and it does feel perfect for amethyst.



Pearls old look was really classy, and suited her very well. But since ‘Last One out of Beach City’ we got a look at how awesome a cooler Pearl was, and I’m so glad that Pearl’s new outfit is one of pure showoffiness and style. Nice one Pearl.


3.Lapis Lazuli

Ok, so maybe gem pain works different than human pain, but like, imagine how much it must have hurt to not wear shoes for 6 years! Which is why more than anyone else Lapis deserves her subtle golden sandals and matching bow on her cool ninja pants. And of all the designs I think this one is the most clever incorporating the classic crystal gem Star, with the two bottom points being made up of her trouser legs. I love it!


2.The Great and Lovable Peridot

Its been 3 years since Peridot mutilated Yellow Diamond with her killer cusses, and we’ve been waiting for her to get her stars ever since. Now we have it. The symbol of her slavery has been wiped from her chest and in its place is a glimmering message of the place she calls home. Her nasty old white visor is gone, replaced by huge golden sunglasses that poke from the sides of her face, exposing her gem that we all know she is so proud of. And flying on a trash can lid. It may not be classy, but it sure feels like something straight out of Spider-Man! We love you peridot! Keep being Great and Loveable!


1.The Garnet

The Garnet is the perfect example of a gem who’s design just keeps getting better and better. Similar to Peridot, her visor now pokes out like the fiery star she is, and her entire colour palette now radiates with power and energy. You can say you don’t like Ruby’s design. That’s fine. You can say you don’t like Sapphire’s design. That’s totally fine too. But if you don’t adore Garnet’s new design, meet me at the park round the corner at 2pm GMT next Tuesday, because we have some business to settle.


– Ginger Jumble


Kinsella in his Hole – Review

Kinsella in his hole by Hillary Mantel

A lot of storytelling is about the perspective. If you tell the story from the right perspective you could make the most ghastly of stories justifiable. That’s exactly what happens in Kinsella in his hole. A group of immoral, slightly psychopathic kids team up to murder the tyrant in their lives, with the backdrop of old day Catholic teaching methods and when teachers were meant to be Gods in the lives of the students.

This doesn’t work, and the increasing distaste of this teacher is communicated perfectly through this story, so much so that even we want her to receive her comeuppance. No matter how holy you claim yourself to be, almost everyone has a fleeting thought of what the death of that one horrible, despicable person would be like. This story picks at that gruesome part of human nature we all share, the violent intrusive thoughts, and puts it into a short yet haunting story. Must read if you have the stomach for a little gore.  

Rating – 4/5

How to take back control of your homework

What do you value in your life? Take the three seconds necessary to really consider the aspirations you have, or simply what you enjoy doing. For most people, it’s video games, watching Netflix, or something else nice and relaxing. And you know what I want for you? Whether it’s good for you or bad I want you to be able to spend more time doing the thing you love, and less time on the things you are forced to do. Specifically, less time on homework.


First, we must make one thing very, very clear. Homework is not a measure of your success in school. Your measure of success shouldn’t be how well you can act for forces you are forced to act for anyway, it’s how you can pull forward on YOUR goals. Any validation you receive from the teacher from overdoing homework is minuscule towards what you can get from yourself for pursuing the things you want to. Which is why in this post I’m going to outline 4 tips to take back control of your homework while spending as little time on it as possible.

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